Easy Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

Summer is coming to a finish which normally signifies an overabundance of berries. What to do together? How to easily cut spaghetti squash? My preferred way to consume extra berries would be homemade skillet. Actually, I’ve a massive batch cooking at the moment!

Will need:

9-10 large tomatoes one large onion 2 large peppers, I’d like to use unique colors Italian Seasoning 2-3 garlic cloves, more if you like

If you like you may wash the berries, remove the stalks and dip each in boiling water for a couple of seconds then remove skin. However I assured “simple” so that I don’t do that. Into a large heavy kettle I insert about 1/2 an inch of water and then start it to boil, then I wash each tomato and slice off the very top, and toss the tomatoes into the pan with skin on. The skin will slide off while the sauce is cooking and you may just scatter it from the sauce and discard. In addition, I have a notion that I get more nutrients to the sauce such a manner. Nothing scientific only my own opinion.

Chop your tomatoes and onion to the dimensions you like, I make mine quite chunky and add to the tomatoes. Your berries ought to be getting softer by now. Have a potato masher and lightly push back on the berries. You ought to be receiving some juice construction up. Allow the mixture cook just a time and mash again. Repeat until the berries are all awakened.

Now you are able to choose a fork and stir the sauce to eliminate a few of the skins.

Add on your 1/4 cup of Italian Season and sliced or chopped garlic cloves.

During the next hour, continue lightly massaging the sauce and taking away the skins.

Your sauce is now ready to freeze! Now it will nonetheless be quite “hot”. That’s fine. Let cool and to freezer containers; scoop out as much as your family will need for a meal. I suspend 3 cup parts for a household of three. If using plastic containers depart an inch of headspace in the container. I use heavy duty freezer bags.